Thursday, November 04, 2010

Giving the classical musician another shot

Comments on my post about the pianist seemed to suggest I was dismissing him too easily. So I responded to his Tova-flirt:

Thanks for writing. Can you tell me more about yourself?

And got this response:

Can I e-mail you to your address? is my address.

As you notice I am a professional classical pianist. I teach and I play recitals. Now I am in Buenos Aires finishing a recording at EMI studio and I hope to get back by the end of November.

Basically, I am very supportive, open minded, rationale, honest and not playing games ever in terms of looking for a serious and stable relationship. I hope you too.

Perhaps, If you have Skype we can chat longer and know each other better.

I hope to meet you in person very soon.

Still nothing about his kids or lack thereof. Not much more about his personality, likes/dislikes, etc. And I'm not going to start emailing off the site or Skyping with him. Especially since he's out of the continent for the next few weeks.

I would rather email on here for a while. How exciting that you're in Buenos Aires! But can you tell me more about your personality, your background, your family?

I'll keep you posted.
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  1. Glad to hear it. And if he's a dud, just move on & try again.

  2. maybe stop e-mailing so much..just pick a time to speak on the phone(15 more like a good rules girl!) and then make a date to actualy meet. you're spending too much time on mindless banter..he can tell you whatever you need to know over the phone. (better than 10-20 e-mails back and forth) I do like the fact that you try to get information about them but maybe try to do that over the phone ( CASUAL conversation) and then get a few dates going.

  3. why are you being so rigid on the no-emailing off site...seems like 4 or 5 guys lately have asked to do that and you have rebuffed all of them, which makes you come off as rigid and kinda weird. If you don't want them to have a particular email address, set up a gmail account- you can always block someone if they start being crazy (or set up a different gmail account?). It seems progressing to emailing off site is fairly typical for this website since SO many guys have asked to do that, so why break the norm?

    Also, from my sociology statistics perspective, if you rule out people without a college degree you are ruling out 75% of your potential dating pool.