Monday, November 22, 2010

Now I'm getting nervous

Jasper wrote me back. I've highlighted certain phrases and sentences for emphasis:

Thank you for taking time to reply my email. It gives joy to read an email from you. I just finished putting my little girl to bed and I am checking my emails before I go to bed. Now that I have read your email all I am thinking about is you. I would be honored to know you more and be happy to be your friend. I barely have friends here in Baltimore so you will be doing me a great favor just being my friend.

I think it is also fair I tell you a little bit about me. Well, I was born into a Greek family. And I enjoy being a Greek and serving God diligently. It is very fulfilling when we follow our dreams in life, doing something that our heart and soul has always wanted to do. I feel such great warmth for you even at the first glance at your profile. Well, here is a little about me. I used to be into real estate until I lost my father and I took over his passion for the love of art. Since then, I have been a collector of art works. That means, not only do I collect for the love of it, I buy and sell for business. Whatever piece of art works my clients want, I get them ranging from artifacts, paintings, and sculptures. Just name it. It is an interesting job. I am currently working towards opening an art gallery pretty soon even though I inherited my father's in London.

I have a six year old girl who I admire more than life itself. She is a very pretty and intelligent girl. Someday I know you will get to meet her and love her for who she is.

You must know that I am a little shy at first but foremost I'm honest and dependable. I don't compromise my integrity and you can count on me. I have been widowed since 2006 and am now ready for a long term relationship. I love life and enjoy every day to its fullest. I have a passion for travel and exploring new places. Wow, I have been writing so much and I will stop here for now and wait for your reply.

I am going to bed now. I wish you a wonderful night rest. With all my heart, Jasper

He just seems to be coming on way too strong and intense. And in my experience, that's not a good thing. Why is he thinking about me so much, when we've just exchanged a few emails? Why does he write (again) about his tremendous warmth for me in the midst of his self-description? It's like he can't contain his excitement, but there's barely any reason to be excited! How does he know I'm going to meet and love his daughter? Most ominously: why doesn't he have any friends in Baltimore?

So I'm starting to get a little nervous. Any thoughts on this?
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  1. OK, so my friend moved here from X to complete her degree five years ago, has like 1000 friends on facebook, a prestigious and busy career, and also considers herself "barely having any friends" because she just doesn't have the time to form those types of relationships. She also finds it difficult to find a man, not to mention.

    I don't know the whole situation, but if he didn't grow up in Baltimore I wouldn't worry too much about the lack of friends. In some communities everybody knows one another, in others less so.

    Maybe he is coming on too strongly but maybe he really does feel a certain chemistry with you. Play it by ear for a bit?

    Conversely you have every right to be concerned if you feel he's a total creepo and your experience with guys who lay it on heavy at first have never been good.

    My two shekelim.

  2. Very well put, DOL. I will wait until I know him a little better. I've had weird experiences from guys coming on too strong, but I'm trying to be more open and accepting of people. Especially people who think I'm beautiful and wonderful, because they're in the minority.