Sunday, November 21, 2010

SOS redux: Why did I bother?

Remember SOS? He and I stayed friends on Facebook, even though we never met and Shalva and I weren't impressed with him. After I broke up with Ivan the Terrible (my new name for JV), SOS IM'ed me on FB:

SOS: I'm coming to Queens for Thanksgiving... still want to get together for that cup of coffee?
Ayelet: Sure. What time works for you?
SOS: How about Saturday night?
Ayelet: Perfect.
SOS: Just gotta check with my kallah.

His fiancée?

Ayelet: Your kallah? Mazal tov! But I wouldn't want to cause any problems; if she requires your presence on Saturday night, she takes precedence ;)
SOS: Just kidding, I'm not engaged!

Is that funny? I didn't think so. But we exchanged phone numbers anyway. Then he emailed me on November 2:

Subject: Who's the Idiot:
Message: Me!!! :-) I managed to close out our "chat" window, last night, without jotting down the cell-phone # you provided... Sorry! Anyway, how're you feeling today? A bit better, I hope!

I was sick the day before. Told him I was feeling better and gave him my cell phone number. He emailed me again on November 18:

How's it going??????

I'm about to prove my brilliance, for a second time in less than a month: After our e-mail exchange, from several weeks ago, I neglected to advise my mother not to buy theater tix (it's our tradition to see a show Sat. eve, of T'giving weekend). Thus, we're booked for the 8PM of "Avenue Q" (seen it? is it any good?)

Anyway, can we aim for Sunday, say around 10:00AM? I know a great coffeeshop in midtown where we can schmooze...

Unfortunately, I have plans on Sunday to see Margalit and her children, who are in from way out of town.

Unfortunately, I have plans for Sunday with a friend from high school :( Avenue Q is supposed to be awesome. Enjoy!

He didn't give up, I'll give him that, and we exchanged a bunch of emails:

SOS: Bummer... Are you free Friday?
A: Probably. I'll be with my mom, sister, and the kids, but I could meet you for a little bit.
SOS: Well, it usually doesn't take much time for women to fall for me -- especially if they're intelligent & have good taste, as you seem to. ;-) Once again, apologies for getting "booked up" Sat. evening... Can we say Friday morning in midtown?

I think I was starting to lose patience with him.

A: I'm going to be in Queens on Friday, I really don't want to spend an hour on the train each way to go to Midtown. 
SOS: i was comin' to Midtown to be closer to you since -- as i recalled -- you live in manhattan. i'll be in [Queens neighborhood] thursday nite. where in Queens will u be on Friday? 
A: Not very close, I'm afraid; I'll be in [not very adjacent Queens neighborhood]. I'm spending the weekend there. I'm going back to Manhattan on Sunday to spend time with my friend and her kids. 
SOS: Sounds great! As I recall, it's a 15-minute drive from your sister's neighborhood to my mom's, which I'd gladly make -- except I'm car-less when I visit NY City... If you're willing to swing by forest hills on Friday morning, let me know. I'd love to finally meet you!

Is he really asking me to drive to meet him? I don't have a car in NYC either, and I also haven't driven in about 10 years.

A: I don't have a car either, unfortunately. I haven't driven since 2000, and I don't know Queens at all. I'd like to meet you too, but I can't drive to Forest Hills.

Not a word since. Guess I won't be meeting him after all.
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  1. I agree with you on this one. If he really wants to meet you, he should be willing to put in a little real effort to meet you. The rescheduling and unreasonable requests seem a little lame.

    Plus, the" kallah" joke was just weird, not funny.