Monday, November 22, 2010

SOS sorta redeems himself

hey Ayelet! apologies for the (shamefully) delayed reply. crazy weekend (all fun stuff, thank G-d) -- now it's back to the grindstone! hope your week's off to a good start.

spoke w/ my mother tonite, who advised the "F" train's X station stop is walking distance to [your sister's neighborhood]. since i'd like us to meet, i can take the train out Sunday morning. is it on? :-)

I agreed too quickly:

Sure -- it's on :) Where should we meet? 
And then realized:
Wait -- no -- has to be FRIDAY

All these date and time changes have me so confused. He responded:
LOL! i've never actually been to that part of Queens... you mentioned you're spending the weekend at your sister's -- please ask if she knows a decent coffeeshop that's open sunday mornings, and is relatively close to her (as well as the X station). thanks!  

Gevalt. I sent him an IM:

I'm busy on Sunday, I'm free Friday
He finally answered:
Only for you. ;-) Friday morn it is (I thought you said you weren't going back to Manhattan until later on Sunday). LMK what your sister suggests! 

I called Jerusha. Apparently we're palsy, now that we're both single. We even hung out yesterday, sharing apples and donuts while she waited for her not-boyfriend to finish working out, shower, and get ready for dinner. She invited me to come to dinner with them, but I wanted to straighten my hair.

Wrote back to SOS:

My sister doesn't know of anything "nice" that's walking distance from the F train stop and her house, but she can drop me near the F train and you and I can find a coffee or donut shop and have a conversation. Sound good?

The station is in a rather dismal part of Queens, which is adjacent to a much nicer part of Queens. Happens a lot in NYC. So he and I will find some place to have coffee and a conversation. I'll let you know how it goes.
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