Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sudoku therapy

I don't like being alone with my thoughts. I tend to ruminate, as do many with mood disorders. So I like being distracted, either reading or watching TV, and reading the free newspapers on the subway during my commute. The newspapers have crosswords and Sudoku puzzles, and for a while I just did the crosswords. But that got too easy; I'd finish quickly and had to sit through 15-20 non-distracted minutes.

So I started doing the Sudokus, and now I'm hooked. One Sudoku puzzle can occupy me during my entire commute to and from work. Usually I don't finish them, which initially bothered me, but then I started seeing that I was making progress -- finishing a bigger chunk by the end of the commute.

Seeing progress at learning a new skill is giving me a sense of mastery and competence. So despite a horrible group last week, and a very unpleasant supervision session this past Monday going over that fiasco, I'm feeling okay today.

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