Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Updates on Jasper and Neville

Jasper wrote back to me:

Hello Ayelet,

I am glad you are interested in me. I really do appreciate it. My clients have asked me the same question; I mean my ending up here in Baltimore. Well, it is simple. My wife and I bought a property here in Baltimore before she passed on. She lived with her foster mom when she was young here in Baltimore. So when the economic crisis strike down on Greece and art business came to a stand still there, it was important that I leave Greece for another country. The only place that came to mind was Baltimore.

You asked me if I have any questions for you. Yes, I have two;

1. When will be a good time to chat with you?
2. Do you chat on yahoo messenger?

I will wait for your reply. Meanwhile, if you don’t see me on the site when you come on because of the time difference, you can write me on: jaspersophocles@yahoo.com

I look forward to hear from you. With all my heart, Jasper

Well, that explains why he's in Baltimore. And what is it with guys wanting to chat on Yahoo Messenger?? Sheesh. Doesn't anyone talk on the phone anymore? I don't believe IM is the best way to get to know someone.

Hi Jasper,

I didn't realize you were Greek from Greece! How interesting. I hope things are better for you in Baltimore. How is your daughter adjusting?

I would rather talk on the phone than IM. This week is very hectic because of Thanksgiving, and also because I work late Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Maybe we could talk next Monday evening. Best, Ayelet

Next email in the lineup was from Neville:

Thank you so much for getting back to me, I am delighted that you did. I would be happy to tell you all about me. I will write more later this evening.

In the meantime, I do have two questions for you.

1. How do you feel about someone 8 years older than you?

2. How do you feel about long distance relationships, which can be hard at best?

I'm just curious on your views about this.

Anyhow, thank you again for writing; I very much look forward to corresponding with you.

Best wishes, Neville

I tried to answer honestly:

Good morning, Neville. To be honest, the age difference is kind of at the high end of my comfort zone, but I like to give people a chance :) The distance thing could also be a problem, since I don't have a lot of time to travel. How often are you in New York?

I guess I'll see how they respond. I haven't heard recently from Max, CPG, or the ardent 33-year-old in London. And I haven't heard anything from the 30 or so (or more) men I contacted on Jwed. On the plus side, I'm not being pursued by any Persians.
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