Thursday, November 11, 2010

With Facebook friends like these

Apparently even my Facebook friends who also suffer from mental illness are getting tired of my bellyaching. One IMed me to say that my blog posts were sounding whiny and no longer amusing. He has depression, so he's something of an expert on whiny.

Tonight I posted "Ayelet Survivor is sa lonely girl" in my status update.

You are seriously starting to sound pathetic...

emailed another friend.

Thanks for the feedback :)

I responded. I wasn't going to let him bait me.

You have been broken up as long as I have and you continue to act like it was last night. Good God, cut it out already. the longer you continue to obsess over it, the longer it will take you to move on. Do you seriously think you can move on with anyone while you continue to obsess over someone else?

By the way, a much better default pic. much better than the ancient Egyptian woman you used to have on there. I will be in Time Square this weekend to see the Tut exhibit, maybe I will see that woman painted somewhere on the relics?

I changed my profile picture from a self-portrait by Frida Kahlo, the 20th-century Mexican artist, to van Gogh's "Starry Night." But I'm not going to be an intellectual snob and mock him for not recognizing her. In fact, I don't think I'll answer.

I realize I'm kvetching more than usual lately. But I lost an important long-term relationship, I was demoted at work, they're reassigning me to work with clients I hate, and I'm interviewing for jobs while trying to get back into dating. I live in Rejection Central, and it's draining. Anyone who can't support me should probably either unfriend me or hide me from their news feed.

Fortunately, some friends can and do offer support. I got another email tonight:

On a serious note, my heart goes out to you. I don't know what to do, but your postings tear at the already raw strings of my soul. All I can do is just send u a virtual hug in empathy. Believe me I know what loneliness is all about.
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  1. Using Facebook as a therapy substitute is emotionally risky; you won't get unconditional positive regard. I know you are going through a tough time and my heart goes out to you, too. But you need to find some healthier forms of distraction. Stop answering dating profiles and go do something fun! Look forward to seeing you this weekend.