Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cute Youngun update

Saturday night I was supposed to shoot pool with CY, but apparently Amsterdam Billiards has been turned into an inn. We had coffee instead. It was a little awkward. He's shy, and I'm depressed, so the conversation lagged a bit.

CY was a little late picking me up and called me at least 3 times to update me on his progress. "I"m on the West Side Highway at 33rd Street... there's an accident... I'm looking for parking..." When he picked me up, I could tell he hadn't shaved. I wasn't sure whether it was worth being annoyed about and decided it wasn't.

"Next time we hang out, I'm definitely taking the subway," CY said as we walked to the former Amsterdam Billiards.

"You're assuming there'll be a next time?" I said playfully. That was kind of mean; he got nervous and started stammering again. I apologized, and we ultimately had coffee at Edgar's. As I said, there were a lot of conversation lags, and I started worrying about whether he was having a good time, whether we were compatible, or whether he was even still interested in me. But I didn't think I had enough evidence to decide, so I figured, if he wants to get together, hang out, go on a date, whatever -- I'll go.

Shortly after he dropped me off at home, he emailed me on Facebook:

Thank you I had a nice time with you tonight. 

Well, that answers at least one question. He's always referred to us getting together as "hanging out." Which is fine, up to a point. At some point you need to start officially dating, because nobody just hangs out and then gets engaged. His second email to me, which I got about an hour later, settled another question:

Should we decide to date again we have to go to a zoo, aquarium or museum next. The central park zoo is very nice. But with a normal temperature outside of course.

Okay, we're officially dating, and he wants to do something interesting. Before I could respond he sent another email:

Thank you Ayelet. I had a nice time with you tonight. We have to get together again.

I answered:

I had fun too. I think that a museum is our best bet this time of year. Fortunately, New York has several we can choose from.

He replied:

Would you like to go to the museum of Jewish heritage?

I've actually never been to that museum, so I replied in the affirmative. That was on Sunday afternoon. I knew he had a busy day planned -- showing a property, indoor rock climbing, and a visit to his parents. But I didn't hear from him again, so on Tuesday evening I contacted him again:

When do you want to go?

Two minutes later he wrote back:

When are you free?

This led to a flurry of exchanges:

Ayelet: Sunday would probably be best.
CY: It would have to be on Sunday night. I am doing that urban walk with JOC. 

JOC being the Jewish Outdoors Club, of which he is a very active member. He likes hiking and rock climbing and camping and stuff. If he has plans, I don't want to disrupt them, but that probably means we can't get together this weekend.

Ayelet: I don't know if the museum is open Sunday night.
CY: If you want I can hang out with you instead of going on the walk. What do you think?

Back to "hanging out"...

Ayelet: It's your call. If you were looking forward to the urban walk I don't want to take you away from it.

Then I sent what might have been considered an unfair incentive:

Ayelet: Not to sway you or anything, but if we spend the day together, I might let you kiss me goodbye... ;)

He didn't respond to that, but he ultimately did respond:

CY: No it's okay. There will be other joc events. I will hang out with you instead and go to the museum of Jewish heritage. 

He is very concrete.

Ayelet: OK -- what time? Should I meet you there?
CY: What time works for you?
Ayelet: Well, I don't have any other plans that day, and their hours are 10 a.m. - 5:45 p.m. What works for you?
CY: How about I meet you at 10am by your apartment and we go together?

Now, I'm not trying to dissuade him from being chivalrous, but he lives in Brooklyn. Coming to pick me up is WAY out of his way. Also, I need to wash and straighten my hair on Sunday. It's a faster process since I got the maxiglide, but it still takes some time.

Ayelet: 10 is kind of early -- and it's completely out of your way to pick me up and then go to the museum. Wouldn't you rather meet me there at, say, 11?

Haven't heard anything from him since. I think I probably will, but I'll wait a while before I reach out again. And I probably won't say anything more about kissing.
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  1. Any chance he is shomer negiah?
    He sounds nice. Keep us posted!

  2. Would be just my luck if he is...

  3. Ha, well I don't care, I'm going on the urban walk! I heard we'll be taking the renovated 1930's subway afterwards! Guess I won't be seeing "CY" this time (I also love the JOC). Though I, like him, am also conflicted: there's a recital I wanted to go to that's also on Sunday!

  4. Enjoy the urban walk, young SRH -- now I'm wondering if I know you IRL, and suspect that you know CY. I'd have suggested that he and I go on the urban walk, but I think we need more alone time together.

  5. "IRL"?

    I may know you, it's hard to say. And I think I might know "CY" (as 28 year old JOCers are rare). Though, being 26 and male, I don't find him "young" or "cute"! : P

    Yes, and urban walk is obviously not a great idea for a second date...

  6. IRL = in real life. CY isn't 28, he's 33. The 28yo was another guy. And I guess he's not young or cute to you, but I'm 40 and female, and he's in pretty awesome shape.

    This is officially a third date, but I still think it's too early to share with a good chunk of JOC.