Thursday, December 09, 2010

I want to do my dinner date

The Cute Youngun has been flirting with me on Facebook. To be fair, I started it. The day after the Chanuka party, CY posted a status update about it, and I commented:

Nice hanging out with you there! :)

His response seemed a little terse:


Then again, so was mine:


He clarified:

We should hang out more often.

I answered:


Didn't hear anything for a while, so a few hours later I commented again:

Like when?

Minutes later he responded:

When are you free?

I told him:


He answered:  

That is perfect. How about we meet at a restaurant called Blossom. It is a kosher vegetarian restaurant.

Is this "hanging out" or is this a date? He's definitely more accommodating than Eyal, the Israeli guy who wanted me to see myself home after having coffee near where he lives. Blossom is close to where I live. And when I make plans to hang out with a friend, it doesn't always include dinner. Of course, I'm not assuming that he's paying. But I think he's interested. I spoke with Miriam, who doesn't care if I go out with him -- says there was no chemistry between them.

The main thing is, I'm excited and I feel very sexy, and I haven't felt this way before a date since I broke up with Ivan the Terrible. I'm reminding myself now not to invite CY upstairs after dinner, and I know he wouldn't ask to come upstairs. But if he did ask, I'd have a hard time saying no. 

And I'm really hoping he wants to kiss me good night, because I want to know if he's a good kisser. He's pretty much the first guy I've wanted to kiss since the breakup, except maybe the Southern Gentleman. (Who hasn't bothered me since I canceled our Monday night date.) The date's at 7:30, and I'm counting the minutes.

It's weird -- I always thought CY was kind of geeky before. But I fell in love with Ivan the Terrible despite his geekiness. And CY seems to be sending out an interested vibe. I kind of thought he was interested in me before and didn't encourage him -- he used to IM me on Facebook and I would be polite but not enthusiastic. But I'm seeing him differently since that party. 

I'm trying to be interested in men who want me, not the men I want who seem indifferent or ambivalent. I definitely felt like he wanted me. And unlike most men who like me, I don't find him physically repulsive. Quite the opposite. In fact, he kind of looks like Ivan the Terrible, which I think is just a coincidence. But I find myself wanting to take him for a better haircut. He has great hair. And a great smile.

I have to be careful not to come on too strong. I've been commenting on his status updates -- can't overdo that, or, as night follows day, it follows that he'll start to lose interest in me. It's so hard for me not to chase when I'm interested in a guy. I need to let him chase me.

Of course, I want him to chase me right into bed, and that can't happen. Still, it's good to feel alive and sensual again, instead of numb.
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  1. You've got exactly the right plan. Go! Have fun! And DON'T invite him up.

  2. "unlike most men who like me, I don't find him physically repulsive"- Ha, awesome line! I got the same problem. I love the intimacy of your blog by the way..

  3. Sadly, it's so often true, young Shimshon Raphael Hirsch. CY both likes me and is HOT, and he doesn't know he's hot because he's shy, probably because he grew up with a bad stammer.

    Glad you enjoy the blog's intimacy -- right now it's all I got ;)

  4. Ha. I'm SO flattered by the nickname, you have no idea! Just thinking about it conjures up images of "where was he at this age, and where am I" (it seems he had already been a chief rabbi for four years and had just published a work that's still influential today. And me? : P). Also slightly curious why you chose it..

    "CY both likes me and is HOT"- It's funny to think that such thoughts don't disappear with age.. And again, I've experienced a similar dichotomy: sometimes girls who I'm not at all attracted to will turn me down, while attractive ones have shown me an "illuminated countenance". And there are also handsome men married to girls I could barely look at. Perhaps there is no science to it...

  5. I messed up. I read "shimshon" for "shlomo" after seeing "ben Raphael" and kind of assumed "Hirsch." My Hebrew's not that good.

    I've just found that the majority of men to show interest in me were repulsive to me, and the men I found attractive weren't interested. I wasn't attracted to CY when I first met him, probably because he is shy and not very assertive. I guess he grew on me.