Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Jasper repeats himself. Literally.

I last heard from Jasper on November 23. He didn't respond to my last email. Today I heard from him again:

I wish I knew where to start or what to say after looking at your picture for such a long time. I was going through female profiles as I am a new member of this site when I saw your profile. Words can’t explain how I feel about you just looking at your picture. I know you might have gotten lots of praises already, but the fact cannot be changed that you are indeed a pretty woman. I will be honored to be your friend. That is if you give me the chance to. I am a total gentleman and I know you will find that out for yourself as time goes on.
I will wait for your reply in anticipation. With all my heart, Jasper

The exact same note he sent me on November 19. I honestly didn't know what to say beyond:

You first wrote to me on November 19 using this exact same letter. We started corresponding, but you never answered the last email I sent you on November 23.

So much for that one...
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  1. He probably sends the same note to every woman and has so many balls in the air, he can't remember who he contacted & who he didn't. Not worth your while.