Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rough patch

I am going through a very rough patch.

Lately (past few days) have been feeling very depressed in the mornings. Feel slightly better in the evenings. Not sure if it's PMS plus seasonal depression or something worse. Lack of exercise certainly doesn't help. I'm seeing my psychiatrist on Thursday evening, and I'll tell him how I'm feeling. In spite of the B complex and D3 vitamin supplements, fish oil, and green tea. I can't do much but sit at home and watch "Friends" reruns.

I'm stuck at my job for the next six months -- it's the only way I'll get my LCSW on time. Agency director sent out an email with this message:

I would like to address the State licensing issues that have affected all licensed social workers seeking their LCSWs. I fully comprehend the concerns of those LMSW employees seeking “c” hours, which has not only been problematic at some of our sites, specifically [the site where Ayelet works], but is proving to be a challenge for the field given the shortage of LCSWs in the new licensing environment. Fortunately, the issue has been resolved at [the site where Ayelet used to work] but there are some issues still at [the site where Ayelet works]. 

Therefore, [Ayelet's former supervisor], who will be returning to work as the Director of Clinical Operation for the agency will be assigned to provide “c” supervision hours beginning January 18, 2011 for an indefinite period until the issue has been resolved. As an agency, CSEDNY has done much to provide competitive salaries with increase potential, professional growth opportunities and, and quality supervision. Given that all new LMSWs must fulfill three years of clinical experience and 2000 hours of “c” supervision, most who remain employed with the agency will not have lost any time pursuing this credential, which we have worked very hard to accommodate. Moving forward, I am sure that all employees will be satisfied with the supervisory dynamics in place for 2011.

Not too happy about that either. Her supervision didn't save me from myself or the others at the agency, who together with me torpedoed the dual diagnosis recovery program. But I guess 6 months isn't too long to endure.

Of course, yesterday I finally got a call from one of the agencies I submitted my resume to. Don't even want to call them back. I'll have to force myself.

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  1. Become a member of the Coalition. That way if anything goes wrong with your hours or during your application at the state level we will be able to protect you and intervene on your behalf www.nyscsw.org

  2. Just did, and I will hold you to that!

  3. Unlike the nasw, we are on the side of the little guy...we care more about the individual practitioner than political motivations or bureaucracy. Since our inception we have helped thousands of NYS social workers on the pathway to LCSW licensure. As a member, you will have a very strong power behind you at the state level.