Monday, December 27, 2010

Update: Apparently we ARE still dating

Heard back from CY:

CY, 8:53pm: I still have interest

A, 8:53pm: so why the long silence?

CY, 8:54pm: now or over the past week?

A, 8:54pm: over the past week

CY, 8:55pm: I just wanted to absorb our experiences together.

That sounds like a LINE.

A, 8:55pm: okay...

CY, 8:59pm: so any exciting plans for New Years?

Not that involve me cooking for you again.

A, 8:59pm: yes, going to a friend's for dinner and the 420 party
it's her birthday, so I'm not making Friday night with Miriam
are you still walking to Times Square from Flatbush?

CY, 9:02pm: probably not but I will be walking to Coney Island on Shabbat.

A, 9:02pm: enjoy

CY, 9:03pm: What is the 420 party?

A, 9:04pm: NYTW is running it at the same place as their chanuka party

CY, 9:05pm: really? Should I come? Should I sign up?

Ayelet decides to play it cool

A, 9:06pm: if you want

CY, 9:06pm: When will it be?

A, 9:07pm: Saturday night

CY, 9:09pm: so would you like to hang out with me again?

A, 9:09pm: at the party, or at another time?

CY, 9:10pm: If I am at the party of course. But I am talking about on a date.

A, 9:13pm: well, at the party there might be other people I want to talk to... so your best bet, if you want my undivided attention, is to ask me for another date ;)

Hoping the ";)" emoticon makes it playful and not bitchy or controlling.

CY, 9:13pm: okay

A, 9:17pm: whenever you're ready... ;)

CY, 9:17pm: can i take you on another date?

I kind of get the feeling that I’m dragging it out of him.

A, 9:18pm: yes please :)

Trying to make it more fun!

CY, 9:19pm: When are you free?

A, 9:19pm: this Sunday

CY, 9:20pm: Sunday sounds perfect. what time? let me know I will put you into my calendar.

A, 9:24pm: what would you like to do? go for brunch or dinner? kind of cold to do anything outdoorsy

CY, 9:26pm: We can do something indoors.

A, 9:26pm: okay

CY, 9:28pm: it will be fun.

A, 9:29pm: Okay. When do you want the fun to begin? I'm free all day Sunday.

CY, 9:30pm: I will put on my thinking cap. how does 12pm sound?

A, 9:31pm: sounds great

Also great is that he'll be figuring out something fun for us to do, since apparently the more you make the guy work, the more he appreciates your company. I think.

CY, 9:38pm: I need to sign off. I keep getting booted off of Facebook. I really look forward to Sunday. I hope you do too.

A, 9:41pm: I do too!

Probably a little too desperate with the exclamation point... but I guess we have a fourth date.

CY, 9:54pm: sleep tight. maybe I will sign up for the party.

A, 9:54pm: maybe I'll talk to you at it ;)

CY, 9:55pm: for sure. good night.
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  1. Getting booted off facebook? I wasn't aware there was a closing time..

    How about wall-climbing indoors? ...Dave and Busters!