Friday, January 21, 2011

Fred took it well

Fair enough. Only at first you said it was an issue of money. Had you said it was not for you, I would not have gone further.

I get you were fired. I too have been underemployed. I also get how you have been about it, which is fine, but to me, seemed to lack power.

What gets me is I see you as powerful and big and capable of great things, and the reports I see are about a trip shopping. It’s nice, but it lacks passion. Maybe I am just a drama queen and want to see people playing on bigger stages. With you, I have no doubt you can. I invited you to do the Forum because I have seen people explode out of it. That is what I see for you. You might get there anyway, and we all get to the same place in the end anyway, but Landmark offers a set of tools that makes living a life you love and that inspires you and others a lot more accessible right now.

I guess this should teach me not to beat around the bush but to be honest.

I do think I'm capable of great things -- but I need to refocus and heal from this experience. That's why I'm relaxing and pampering myself as much as I can afford to. My next job will be much better, and so will I. I do appreciate your concern and support.
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  1. I have this burning urge to ask Fred who died and appointed him your spiritual advisor.


  2. After reading that list of warnings from the Forum website, I would definitely steer clear of the program, even if not a single warning applied to me personally.