Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nachman writes back

I guess it is long distance for a while. If the goal is find the right person for marriage, then it's worked out. I like your profile, and messaged you because of your stated willingness to relocate (I cannot, as my ex won't allow the children to move, it would be very hard on them, and I in the coursework-phase of my PhD program. I guess, it's phone calls and visits if we would determine that there is something there. However, I do understand your reluctance.

My reluctance is really twofold: his children are adolescents, and he lives in Detroit. While I'd be willing to relocate to Los Angeles, Boston, or several other cities, I:never really considered Detroit. Too far, too cold, too economically depressed. I just don't want to go there. Not sure how to answer him.
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  1. Why not just say, you can see relocating to a major metropolitan area like LA Boston or DC but can't really see yourself living in Detroit? Be honest and straightforward and move on.

  2. You can live quite well in the Detroit suburbs without working for a hedge fund. And it's not like NYC or Boston have had a balmy winter.