Monday, January 10, 2011

No karaoke tonight for CY

Tonight is another fabulous ET karaoke party. I was hoping CY and I could grab dinner and then go together. Unfortunately, as he emailed me at 6:13 a.m.:

I am sorry but I can't go to the event tonight. I have to see my chiropractor instead. I hurt my left pectoralis muscle. Can we take a rain check?

That's probably a valid excuse. I wrote back:

Ouch. Feel better. How about Saturday night?

Then I started feeling like I didn't want to wait that long, so -- and this is probably very against The Rules -- I sent another message:

I could probably also leave work at 7 on Wednesday night.

Usually I'm doing an assessment at that time, but not this week. Didn't matter:

Saturday night and Wednesday night I have plans. How about Thursday night?

That's my mindfulness therapy night, so I don't want to cancel -- I'm pretty sure I need it. It ends at 8, which is a little late to start a date. (I wasn't trying to make this line rhyme.)

Thursday night I'm busy. How about Sunday?

I guess both of us will have to wait. I'm a little miffed that he has plans for Saturday night, but I probably have no right to be.

Sunday could work. How about Sunday afternoon?

Miriam and I are supposed to go boot shopping on Sunday, but that won't take all day. When does he want the fun to commence? I asked, and he responded:

How about 1?

I don't want to rush back from shopping. Even though it's just boots, which aren't as tedious to put on and take off, I'd rather make leisured decisions.

How about 3? I'm going boot shopping with Miriam in the morning. What do you want to do?

He wrote back that "3 sounds good" but didn't stipulate what we'd be doing. I could have left it at that, but I was curious, so I persisted and asked him again. Probably also against The Rules.

I need to think about it.

Let's respond playfully.

well, you have all week to think -- surprise me! ;) cya Sunday @ 3, hope your pec feels better soon

He's not much for the playful. Very concrete.

It is just my left side.

Can I loosen him up a little?

I will go easy on your left side next time we hang out ;) Your right side, however, should be ready for anything.

I sent that, and then began to worry how he might interpret it. (I do that a lot -- hit send and then regret it.)

I hope CY sees it as lighthearted banter, not a promise to "go all the way." (Since I've been using "second base/third base" terminology, "going all the way" seems like the appropriate euphemism.) It's been about a month, and while I'm greatly enjoying making out and holding hands with CY, I don't want to rush things. I feel like I should tell him about my diagnosis before I have sex with him, and I'm not ready to tell him about my diagnosis. Unfortunately, there are no Rules for when to disclose a chronic illness.

CY hasn't responded, but that probably just means he got busy at work. I will assume the best unless he cancels on me. I'm probably not allowed to make out with a 20something tonight, although we haven't discussed exclusivity.
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