Monday, February 28, 2011

No inside track

A few weeks ago I dropped off my résumé, personally, at the recommendation of a friend of a friend. Never heard anything. I left a couple of phone messages. Never heard anything. So I called again. Turns out the hiring manager's on vacation till March 8. Does that mean they've filled the positions and now he's relaxing?

Also gave my résumé to a friend from grad school who works at an important hospital. Haven't heard anything. But I have seen a bunch of advertisements for the job. I dropped her an email, not sure if it will do any good. Feeling kind of discouraged.

Joined eHarmony for free. Free trial ends today. I've got a bunch of "matches" but only a few I like. Wondering if it's worth a few hundred bucks to actually meet them.

I'm trying to stay positive, but it's difficult. I probably should take a shower and get ready for tomorrow's waste of time: a résumé workshop sponsored by the New York State Department of Labor. If I don't go I could lose my beneifts.
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