Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Relief, annoyance -- typical

My unemployment claims are being honored. Which is a huge relief. Have to go to an appointment at the Workforce Career Center to prove I'm looking for a job. Which is annoying. Have a job interview next week but forgot to ask about LCSW supervision. Which is typical careless forgetful Ayelet. Left an email and then a voicemail asking for clarification about supervision; no response yet. Which is irritating.

I'm also upset because apparently some guy emailed me in December on SuperTova, but I never got the message. Then yesterday I did a search by name for another guy (not as nice -- seems like a game player, willing to chat online but not interested in really getting to know me). Which transported me back to a past version of my SuperTova profile, with a different list of people who viewed my profile and two contact emails I never got.

It's weird -- I tried to write back to some guy and got an error message. So I logged out and logged back in, and got my regular profile. With no record that some guy saw my profile. I searched for his profile again and emailed some guy, but haven't heard anything. Given my luck, some guy was my bashert and I missed my chance -- he'll never get back in touch with me.
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  1. If he were your bashert that couldn't possibly happen ...

  2. Of course it could. Plenty of people never live happily (or contentedly) ever after.

  3. well then by definition he wouldn't be your bashert, no? Cause oyur bashert is the one you actually end up with, so if you don't end up with him ergo he is not your bashert. :)

  4. You missed Gital's point -- if it's "bashert," he'd show up again somehow. If he doesn't, then he wasn't.