Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weird single dad

The single dad I met on OKCupid -- who told me I could call him 24/7/365 -- is weird.

Weird Single Dad (WSD) called last night. It took me a minute to remember who he was, because all he said was, "I'm David, the guy you met on the internet." Take a number.

Whatever -- WSD was calling me while walking to Grand Central Station. I thought he lived in midtown, but no, he only works in midtown. He doesn't live anywhere. Full-time, that is. WSD splits his time between his aunt on the Upper West Side, his former home upstate where his children live, and friends who live in Brooklyn and Yonkers.

"When you're supporting five people," he said, "it makes sense to save on rent if you can."

"Five people?" I asked. "Yourself, your two children... your ex?" I guess she's not working.

"And her other kid," he finished.

"Can you afford to be dating again?" I joked.

"Why, are you high-maintenance?" WSD asked.

Should I still be interested? I was also kind of annoyed that WSD was talking to me on the street. His cell reception wasn't great, the ambient noises were significant, and it wasn't very private.

"I'll call you when I'm on the Metro-North train," WSD said.

"Don't people hate it when other people talk on their cell phones on the train?" I said. I told him to call me back another time, but I don't think I'm interested anymore. Especially after my phone kept ringing after we hung up; his cell kept accidentally redialing my number again and again.

Also, WSD told me he'd just watched a Knicks game. I asked how Carmelo Anthony played, and he said 'Melo wasn't in the game. The New York Daily News would beg to differ. I'm not saying he was lying, but how do you miss something like that?

Why can't a normal guy like me?
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  1. He doesn't sound weird, just like he has a lot going on. Not for you, IMO. On to the next hero!

  2. You don't want a normal guy, ayelet.
    You want, and deserve, an extraordinary guy.