Saturday, March 12, 2011

Double standard douchebag

Sitting at home on a Saturday night is pretty lame. I shouldn't compound it by surfing dating websites. But I went on SuperTova and saw a 41yo online who seemed nice. So I sent him an IM, and because he responded, I thought he might be interested in me.

Ayelet: hi
Double Standard Douchebag: shavuah tov
A: shavua tov
DSD: are you from n.y.?
A: I've lived here for a while, grew up upstate
your background sounds interesting
DSD: yes im from israel and do want to go back there when i finish grad school

Hm. I'm pretty sure my mother doesn't want me to make aliyah. But several years ago, I knew a guy who wanted to make aliyah more than anything. He met a nice girl from Los Angeles. They now live in Los Angeles.

A: what r u studying?
A: at Baruch?
DSD: brooklyn college
A: u live in Bkln?
DSD: yes flatbush
A: I have friends there

I thought we might play a little Jewish geography, see who we know in common, so I was surprised by his next text:

DSD: do you know a nice aliyah oriented girl, orthodox or very close to it age maximum 37?

1. You're 41, jerk.
2. I'm not here to find a match for the rest of the world.

DSD: I may have an idea for you

Oh really? What's your idea of a good match for me?

A: I like to date men close to my age
DSD: o.k i will think about it I do know someone 51 who looks younger has a very good heart lives in queens
A: Would you be interested in dating a girl who's 45 and looks 35?

No response. Shocker. What a douchebag.
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  1. C'mon Ayelet, this isn't out of the ordinary. If you define a man for looking for a woman 4 years younger as a d-bag, that would make the vast majority of guys 35 and up d-bags. Plus, you want to waste time playing online jewish geography with someone but you don't want to spend time trading more useful info? I don't get it.

    Haven't you been around long enough to understand the age double standard, driven largely by the female biological clock? Rare is the 40yo woman who will find a 40yo (let alone younger) man. I know it's frustrating, but please be realistic.

  2. He's a douchebag because he was chatting with me on a dating website and asked if I knew someone for him -- and then offered me someone distasteful. I know most men his age want women somewhat younger, but not all of them will ask the girl they're currently chatting with for suggestions!