Wednesday, March 23, 2011

He likes me because I'm brainy and cute. Why don't I like him?

So far, eHarmony has yielded just one real correspondence that led to a phone conversation. Two conversations, actually, so far. He's a 43yo computer guy who lives in the Midwest. Thinks talking to me is more entertaining than "a barrel of monkeys" because we talked about South American literature and other intellectual subjects. Recommended I read "Liar's Poker" for its wonderful prose. Told me several times I look very cute in my profile pictures.

And he annoys the crap out of me. I can't explain why, except that he is what Edith Wharton would have labeled "bluff and genial." It's galling that he would be familiar with Wharton's oeuvre, and might even call it an "oeuvre." It's like Fred Flintstone attended the University of Chicago.

He's a really nice guy, and really into me. Numerous emails and phone calls, even asked me to friend him on Facebook. But I don't enjoy talking to him. For one thing, he interrupts constantly, which drives me batshit crazy. And then there's the bluff geniality. It just puts my back up.

Fortunately, I'm going to have to keep getting to know him slowly, due to the distance. He might try to visit me and some other friends who live in the area. He understands that right now I don't have a travel budget, although I do have plenty of free time. I'm just pissed out of my mind that the first smart guy to like me in a long time is so damn annoying.
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