Monday, March 21, 2011

A shot in the ass

Apparently a lot has been going on behind my back. To be more precise, on my back. The pain in my ass is an abscess, which the doctor injected with cortisone (OUCH!).

I also have a scar on my shoulder from a healed abscess that received another cortisone injection (ouch), and a mole at the top of my ass crack that's "atypical." How could Ayelet have a typical mole? It's been there for years, but the doctor biopsied it (OUCH!) just to make sure it's not malignant.

I did have a mole removed from my back in college, which returned and I had removed again. Both times it was benign, so I'm not worried.

She also prescribed a $16 bottle of antibiotic cleanser that I'm supposed to use on my abscesses and shoulders. I'm thinking the abscesses came from acne, which I still suffer from occasionally. I guess the cleanser will get rid of it. If it works I'll look to get it cheaper online.
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  1. TMI Ayelet -- too much inflammation. :D