Thursday, April 14, 2011

Interview week

I've been on four job interviews this week -- two today; I spent hours on the subway going to Brooklyn and Queens -- and I have another tomorrow. Three of those jobs were mine for the asking.

One job paid nothing: it's a substance abuse treatment facility using a medical model (including outpatient detox), and I suspect that the nurses aren't offered a pittance for their services. The interviewer did say she'd hire me for part-time work -- $15/hour for individual therapy, $45/hour for groups.

One job required work on Friday night and Saturday, and I'm not ready for that. I don't know what kind of Jew I am, but I don't think I want to start out working on Shabbat. I was offered quite a low salary, since it's a startup (an established mental health clinic is starting a substance abuse program), but it would be a good learning experience. Except I don't think they'll want a shomer shabbos therapist.

The third job is located a glorious 1.5 hours from my apartment. It's also based on a fee-for-service model (if your clients don't show up, you don't get paid), and I'd have to work in 2 locations -- including doing some work with children, which I have no training in. (They seemed to think I'd be fine.)

So none of these three offers are really right for me. The other job is interviewing other applicants, and they won't make a decision until mid-May. I'll see how I like tomorrow's opportunity. Fortunately the interview's at 2:00pm, so I can sleep late and have a relaxing morning.

I should be proud, or flattered, that I'm getting this much attention, but I'm just exhausted and frustrated. I know I could do an amazing job given the right opportunity, and now I'm afraid that won't happen. But I'm not ready to settle. I'm still getting phone calls about jobs I won't even bother interviewing for -- for example, they don't offer LCSW supervision. I'm still responding to job ads. I've been to numerous job fairs and networking events. I'm not giving up yet.
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  1. Good for you Ayelet. The additional details you offer here about that job that's a 1.5 hour commute make it seem less appealing than it did when you wrote about it elsewhere. It seems like there's lots of jobs in your field so you can afford to try and get the right fit, or at least a reasonably right fit.