Tuesday, June 07, 2011

What have I gotten myself into?

I went on a job interview today, for a supervisory position in a transitional shelter for dually diagnosed formerly homeless men and women. And wowed them. They hired me, without even checking my references.

It's not as great as you might think. While the commute is quite bearable, the schedule is Sunday-Thursday. Not that I ever do anything on Sunday anyway. There's a long probation period during which you don't get health insurance -- COBRA continues, which is expensive. And I'll be doing as much supervision as direct practice. I've never supervised anyone -- and I couldn't get my former co-workers to comply with my program policies at my last job.

But it's temp-to-perm, which means I have about 3 months before they hire me full-time. I can keep looking for something else, and go on job interviews on Fridays, if I want. Getting a full-time job that provides benefits right away is a good reason for leaving. And in the meantime I'll get some experience. I can continue to certify for unemployment each week until I'm full-time, so that benefit won't lapse; I just won't get any government checks while I'm earning more than $405/week. And they're paying me on the higher end of the hourly scale. I demanded that, and got it.

I'm terrified, but that's probably a good thing. And I did get a good feeling from the people who interviewed me. Seems like a nice place to work with reasonably happy employees. I talked the talk; now I really have to walk the walk. Roll with resistance, supervise others, and do a good job. Hope I can.

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