Thursday, July 07, 2011

ALMOST overdid it

Yehudis emailed me:

Let me know what happens. I sent it to the HR Director, the clinic director and the Associate Director (who is the clinic director's 2 level up boss). I don't know the Clinical director himself. I haven't met him yet. He could be replacing someone who just moved to (our headquarters where I am located) with a promotion so our paths have not crossed just yet. Are positions like these competitive? How is the market? I really have no clue. Good luck!

She did me a favor, so I'll answer her questions. Or try to:

Well, it's a pretty tough job market. Since my layoff in January I've gone on about 25 interviews and gotten 4 offers that I turned down. But I've probably sent out hundreds of resumes. I don't think these jobs are as competitive as big firm law jobs, but it's definitely a boss's market.

Did I say too much?

Interesting. Why did you turn down those offers?

In retrospect, I should have remembered to be extremely careful about anything I say to an attorney. Instead, honest person of integrity that I am, I answered honestly.

One had a commute that was 1.5 hours and was fee-for-service, so if the clients didn't show I, I wouldn't get paid. One wanted me to work on Saturdays, which I can't do. One didn't offer LCSW supervision, which I still need, and the pay was very low. One offered pay that was insultingly low ($35,000/year). And one wasn't really a therapeutic position so much as a supervisory position -- I wouldn't have been doing direct work with clients. I guess that makes five.

Only three of these were formal job offers; the other two I could have gotten but decided not to go for. There was another job I interviewed at that I was pretty sure I could get, but it involved mostly group work -- you only see your individual clients once a month. I didn't like that model.

Probably makes me sound kind of arrogant. But between unemployment and my savings, I can support myself until I find a job I really want.

Actually, I wanted to say that because my last workplace was horrible and toxic, I want to find a place where I really like the other workers. But I left that out.

Didn't matter...

OK-- I understand. I probably should have asked before I sent my note so that I would have a better understanding. I have no clue what we are paying, but my guess is that it won't be much more if at all from your low offer. We are a not for profit and I know that Social Workers are not paid that much.


It's definitely more than $35,000 -- that's at least $10,000 less than most programs pay. Even the not-for-profits. $40,000 - $45,000 is a standard starting salary out of graduate school. Trust me. I mentioned that salary offer at another interview and eyebrows shot up around the table. I'd still like the opportunity to interview for the job.

Will it work?

OK-- all good. Let me know.

Whew. And I guess that I am developing slightly better instincts concerning when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. But why is it that social workers are paid so poorly? No wonder so many go into private practice. I may end up treating the worried well after all. Or no -- I won't. Because the law of attraction says that I will meet and marry a wonderful man who will make a decent living. Right?
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