Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dear Universe: Please stop sending me the WRONG men!

I really hate Facebook's friend suggestions. If they're people I know, they're usually people I don't like. But usually the suggestions don't lead to anything.

Today was an exception. I got an email -- not a friend request -- from someone I'll call Kahanist. (On his profile, that's the only "activity" that shows: the Kahane fan page. Slightly disturbing. Also no photo.)

pls add me

On my disguised Ayelet page, I add people all the time. On my "real" FB page, I'm more cautious.

who are you?

I asked.

im kahanist, we have mutual fb friends

I'm not really close with any of the friends we have in common.

yes, but I don't know who you are or anything about you

In other words, I don't know what you do or where you live or what kinds of things you like, so why should I friend you?

im get divorced, im jewish

Ugh. I'm not interested in dating recently divorced men, I'm jaded about men who've been divorced less than 3 years, and I have no interest in someone who's not even divorced yet.

sorry to hear about your divorce

That's all I have to say to Kahanist. But he's not satisfied.

have u ever been married
i take it ur jewish

That is just none of his business.

I don't know who you are, so I'm not going to answer any personal questions.

He didn't take that well.


Anger management issues? He just made himself even less attractive. Just go away!

look, I'm not interested in someone who's not divorced

He's apparently difficult to put off:

ur single i take it
acc 2 jew law im divorced
civil div
G-d willing soon

I asked one of our mutual friends about him, but I'm willing to bet I still won't be interested. So when does the law of attraction start working for me, not against my gag reflex?
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  1. I don't subscribe to the "Law of Attraction" -- I think it's an underlying principle of "The Secret," which, understandably, has been subject to a lot of criticism. But if you want to follow this Law, I believe they say you need to banish feelings of negativity, patent and latent. Your negative feelings are writ large here.

    Screw the Law. But be a person radiating positivity and people will want to be around you, and lead you to other people who want to be around you. And I hope that one of them ends up to be someone you make a connection with.