Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Good news from Dr. Hottttttt

Last week I had my annual physical. Nothing remarkable aside from elevated triglycerides, which could have been because I forgot not to eat before the appointment. In my defense, it was at 1:15 p.m. But I discussed my old knees injury and recent elbow injury and my doctor (the partner of Dr. Cool; I guess I'll call her Dr. Very Cool) thought there could be a simple explanation of the knee pain that's persisted these 5 years and more. She referred me to an orthopedics practice; I called and asked for someone who could look at both knee and elbow, and I was scheduled for an appointment today with Dr. Hottttttt.

Normally I don't fall for the whole "tall" male mystique. I think short men can be extremely attractive. But Dr. Hottttttt is tall. Built, but not bulky. Thick cascades of shiny, straight, medium-brown hair. Thirtysomething, or has a really good dermatologist. Nice skin. Awesome cheekbone. Strong jaw. Blue eyes. It's a good thing he's not a cardiologist, because all his patients would suffer extremely elevated blood pressure.

My elbow was X-rayed, and turns out that my Facebook friend who Google-diagnosed me with ulnar nerve entrapment was wrong. (Not his fault; he's an engineer.) No, I have golfer's elbow. Which I got by leaning on my elbow while doing my Sudoku puzzles. Technical name is "medial epicondylitis."

A really stupid injury, and fortunately, easy to treat with some simple exercises that can be done at home. Just like my knee injuries. I'd always been frustrated that my MRIs didn't show anything really wrong with my knees. Apparently the injury I have is relatively minor -- no breaks, tears, chips, arthritis, or other permanent damage. It's "patellofemoral pain syndrome," caused by significant weakness. (Which was caused by the stupid personal trainer who overworked me at Crunch.) Again, all I need to do are some simple home exercises. I don't even have to go to physical therapy.

I ordered some wrist/ankle weights, which I will be working up to using -- you need to start slow and gradually build up. But the sense of relief is incredible. Not only is there relief in sight, it's not going to cost me an arm and a leg. Not even an elbow and a knee. I don't even have to go back to see Dr. Hottttttt if I feel better. I was tempted to look him up on Facebook, but I think I'd better leave him in his office, making everyone's life better one appointment at a time.
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