Sunday, July 03, 2011

Hate mail

I got an email yesterday, from someone I'm pretty sure I've never met, and I really don't know how to respond to it.

Shalom Ayelet

I'm sorry you think, I suck. Thanks for the vote of confidence. The Jewish females never did like as much as the ladies of Italy and Puerto Rico. I had Italian females since I five years old, I think they suck, there bad tempered and pushy, and can keep up with you sexually along with the Puerto Ricans. Why do you think so many Jewish boys have Puerto Rican girlfriends. The Jewish girls in my own family pushed the ladies of Naples and Palarmo on me from a young age. The ladies of San Juan I found in my Twenties. Just cause you despise me dose not mean all the females do. I just need to find a better class of goyom.

When you say I suck adds to my Problems my bi-polar illness, I you don't a Jewish boy fine, I don't want an Italian or Puerto Rican girl ether. There no adventure in the Christian girls anymore. We both Jewish and an attack from you hurts far more, then one from an Italian or Puerto Rican, If those two attack me so what
I had enough of them, that they can go somewhere ease, I had both in large numbers. Your saying I suck its to push me toward the Italian and Puerto Rican females, I got your number, I have Aspergers and Autism so I have the ability to see the motives of others..

I know I've complained about Jewish men in the past, but I can honestly say that this email doesn't reflect any of the reasons why I think Jewish men suck. I'm sorry I hurt this man's feelings; that was never my intention. I certainly don't want to cause more pain for a fellow bipolar sufferer. I'm aware that he's probably transferring a lot of anger onto me. I know because that's something I've also done.
Copyright (c) "Ayelet Survivor"


  1. WOW...just WOW!! Who does this man think he IS! First of all..with the disorders he claims to be suffering from...I find it very hard to believe that he has this many females banging the door down to be with him! Also, IF such a "man about town"..he would be more like Sinatra...and not give a damn...what YOU thought of him..walk away..singing.."that's why the LADY is a tramp!" I did not see the post that explains exactly WHAT you said to him that was so offensive but I agree..he is just using you for transference! Is it a full moon? People have been freaking out on me lately too!

  2. Not sure why you're even taking him or his email seriously. I'm no mental health professional, but he's obviously very very "off".

  3. I guess I saw it as a reminder that some people find what I say hurtful.