Friday, July 22, 2011

Moving forward

Well, I canceled one of my Bronx interviews. I realized that taking the 2 for 15 minutes, getting out and walking five minutes to the 4 to ride 10 minutes, and then walking 15 minutes to the interview site was a dreadful commute. Especially in the heat we've been having this week. I went on the other interview, which I thought was for the position of substance abuse specialist on an ACT team like the one I interned on. Interestingly, after discussing my experience at the domestic violence shelter internship, the interviewer thought I should be a candidate for the family specialist position. Interesting because right now I'm not talking to either my mother or my sister. But hey, when it's someone else, it's easier to be objective, right?

I also got a callback from a job I interviewed for two weeks ago at a methadone maintenance clinic. I'd always had a kind of Annie Hall opinion about methadone -- "I used to be a heroin addict. Now I'm a methadone addict" -- but this program, which is affiliated with one of NYC's best hospital consortia, takes a very holistic approach. Vocational counseling, psychiatric treatment, therapy groups, etc. The social worker based at each clinic supervises the counselors who do most of the direct practice, runs groups, and sees individual clients who have complicated situations, such as dual diagnoses. So they're not just handing out the happy juice.

Yesterday I met with HR, gave them my references' contact information, and mistakenly checked "yes" in the section of questions about having been cited for ethics lapses and having your license revoked. Fortunately, the interviewer gave me the chance to change my answers. She said I'll hear by the middle of next week if they're going to hire me. Of course, then I'm only "pre-employed" -- I have to go for a physical, give a urine sample, and they'll check my criminal background and references. But the job pays very well for social work, and because it's a union position, it has amazing benefits. Here's hoping!

I still haven't heard about the site director position, but it's actually from another branch of the same hospital consortium. I thought HR was calling about that job at first. Not getting it would be a relief, which seems likely.

On the other major front in my life, romance, I've gotten a few undesirable email contacts on dating websites. Nothing horrifically wrong, just wrong enough that I'm not interested. I also got into a little flirtation. In one of my Facebook singles' groups. FB now lets you see whenever someone new is added. I clicked on his profile, thought he was cute, and realized he was close to my age, since he graduated college two years after I did. Let's call him "Cute Blondie" or CB.

Several people welcomed CB to the group, and one warned him:

welcome CB no more chulent

It's a "health-conscious" singles group. CB replied:

yeah, but scotch is still ok, right?

So I posted:

as long as it's single-malt

An ex-boyfriend got me into Scotch a few years ago. Don't drink it much these days, but I used to savor a good single-malt. CB must have good taste:

of course

I'll give him some positive reinforcement:

then gezunta heit ;)

Because of course it's a "health-conscious" singles group. And apparently he has good manners:

tx, Ayelet now i can have the real shabbos experience ;)

Wasn't that sweet? Now I'm curious:

tell me where ur kiddush club is and maybe I can too ;)

Okay, I'm not just curious, I'm fishing. How does he respond?

Great Neck.

Long Island isn't exactly walking distance from the Upper West Side:

too bad... no way am I hiking from Manhattan to LI in this heat :(

Ball's in his court...

your loss :)

But he friended me. So what's my next move? One last clever comment:

please have me in mind as you enjoy a sip tomorrow ;)
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  1. A, I understand you're not taking the job, but I don't understand that commute to the Bronx, it seemed unduly complicated. Why not take the 2 to 149-Grand Concourse and switch there to the 4 train? Why walk outside for 5 minutes to transfer?

  2. Now that you mention it, that makes more sense. I don't know why hopstop and didn't recommend it.