Monday, July 04, 2011

The law of attracting weirdos

Still no response from GG. But I did get an email on SuperTova:

Hi Ayelet,

Happy July 4th! You definitely get an A for creativity and brevity. You wrote a fascinating yet concise picture describing who you are and what you value. You make my life very easy.

My name is Yossi and I am an expert stick figure artist. Actually not, but how great would it be to make a living drawing stick figures? I know people who have compiled great stick figure portfolios during meetings.

I also like going to museums, movies and reading. Do you like reading about history?

I read your profile and love the fact that you find ways to make the most routine daily tasks enjoyable. This is a very special quality. I love meeting people who are like that. You seem like the person who always makes life fun!

Can you give me an example of how you did this today?

Why don’t you drop me an email? Maybe we can even get past the generic online profile scripts. (I also like having a great conversation at a coffee shop on the first date.)

Looking forward to it -- Yossi

He struck me as a bit odd. Who fantasizes about being an expert stick figure artist? And his profile also seemed a little off:

If you could add a day to the week, what would you learn that you don’t know already? I admit that I can still get a little nostalgic about my college years. It was one of the few opportunities life provided me to learn all sorts of cool things without many distractions. Learning is central to my life. In fact, one of my favorite pastimes is browsing at Barnes & Noble’s. If you had to choose your favorite section of the bookstore, which one would it be? Also central to my life is giving to others. I use the know-how that I gained working in a Human Resources Department to help my friends create professional looking resumes. I share with them my insight about what hiring managers look for when they read resumes. I also volunteer my computer and bookkeeping skills to help prepare a young disabled man to find a job. What excites you about life?

He loves learning, but he doesn't seem to do much with it. But maybe I'm being too judgmental.

Hi Yossi,

You certainly read my profile thoroughly ;) Today I went to a friend's apartment and hung out with her and her family (husband and 2 kids). We read "National Geographic for Kids" magazine. That was a lot of fun. The 8yo can read, and has read the mag before, so she made sure I read all the jokes and sidebars on every page.

I do enjoy reading about history or watching documentaries. And getting past generic online profiles -- Ayelet

Let's see how he responds.

Hey Ayelet,

It sounds like you had a very fun time today with your friend and her family. I always enjoy spending time with kids who like to read and make sure you are aware of their “expertise.” These are kids who end up being successful in life much of the time.

I was into Geography when I was a kid. One time, we were on the bus in NY and we met a woman from Bulgaria. She couldn’t believe that I even heard of it. The whole bus turned around when I started saying something like, “it is south of Rumania, East of Yugoslavia and North of Greece.” Bulgaria’s bordering nations became a little more complicated since the breakup of Yugoslavia which happened a decade later.

What was the last historical documentary you watched about?

Speak to you soon.

Okay. Who brags about their impressive childhood geography skills? I'm just getting a really weird vibe from him. And I'm tired of going on dates with weird men. Call me excessively judgmental, but I don't think I'm going to pursue this.
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  1. You're judgmental. And you should avoid this freakazoid anyway.

    Interspersing every paragraph with challenging questions that are designed to gauge your reactions and stimulate conversation is something that life coaches--and their devotees--do all the time. Normal people don't.

    Also, if you go to B&N often, you know it's not called Barnes and Noble's.

    Also, "Can you give me an example of how you did this today?"

    No. I'm not going to give you anything, moron. We're not in a therapy session or taking a personality test. Pfffft.