Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Law of attraction working already?

Yesterday I had a second interview for the site director job. They like me -- they really, really like me, and I'm really, really not sure I can handle it. I would have to negotiate disagreements between staff and intervene with very difficult clients that the case managers can't handle. It would be a long time before I got to do actual therapy, because I'd have to get up to speed on running the site. I don't know if it's the best next step for me. But I'm visiting the site on Friday anyway. I suppose I can always turn down the offer if they make one.

Today after my knee exercises I opened an email from my friend Tziporah:

The conversation below is b/c there was a match on SawyouatSinai that I said no to b/c of age but I thought you might be ok about it. The guy was educated and decent looking. The only thing was that he was 45 and never married -- weird, right? Anyway, even though I would have been okay with the rest of it, the age was too much but I know you're sometimes more flexible than I am.

I tried to suggest you and the matchmaker made me email her separately outside the SYAS system. Can you take over from here? The matchmaker's name is Sylvia and our email correspondence is forwarded below. Good luck!

Well, I'm fine with dating a 45yo man, even if he has never married. But I deleted my SYAS profile after several bad experiences, which is why the matchmaker couldn't see me after Tziporah tried to suggest me as a consolation prize.

Thanks for thinking of me. Unfortunately, I can't see any match details. I have a SYAS profile but I'm not a paying member, so I don't know if she would set me up outside the system.

Tziporah is an optimist.

Respond to her saying exactly that. I think it's honest and she might do it. She asked me to email her outside the system. Doesn't hurt to try, right? In fact if I were you I'd just forward this whole thread.

Well, I didn't quite do that:

Hi Sylvia -- My friend Tziporah told me about a gentleman you suggested as a match for her that she thought would be a good match for me. I no longer have an SYAS membership, since I wasn't getting any matches I found remotely compatible. Would it be possible for me to send you information about myself and not go through the SYAS system? Thanks!

Apparently it is possible.

Absolutely, Ayelet. Looking forward to receiving it. Netanel is a GREAT guy so let's see if this will work :-) .

I sent her some photos and a brief self-description:

I am 41, shomer mitzvot, 5'1", medium build, dark hair/eyes (pics attached). I grew up in Rochester NY in a traditional family, became more religious in college (Cornell), moved to Manhattan in 1992 and lived here ever since. I am a clinical social worker, was working as a drug counselor but lost my job in January. Have been interviewing and turning down wrong offers, currently considering a few opportunities. I love museums, movies, exploring NYC, traveling (but who doesn't love traveling?), reading, and my nieces & nephews (some from my sister, others from friends). Very smart, very funny, and people tell me I'm nice. In terms of hashkafa, I'm pretty flexible as long as the house is kosher, shabbat is observed, and the kids go to Jewish schools. I'm open to covering my hair if it's important to someone.

Let me know if I've left anything out, and thanks again!

I guess we'll see what happens.

Somewhat in jest, I might have sent this message out to the universe:

I'm tired of going to events and trying to meet someone. I want to meet someone while I'm just sitting at home!

Maybe this was an answer. I'm relieved to hear he's educated and decent looking, which I hope also means employed. I don't know any Netanels, so I'm pretty sure I never went out with him.
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