Sunday, July 31, 2011

Maybe I don't have to lie

Friends have been advising me to say nothing about my bipolar disorder and recent hospitalization at my employment physical. But that amounts to lying by omission, which I'm not comfortable with.

Fortunately, searching online for answers to my questions, I found JAN, the Job Accommodation Network. "JAN provides free, confidential technical assistance about job accommodations and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)." And you can submit questions to them via email:

I am a clinical social worker, and I have type 2 bipolar disorder. I have been hospitalized twice, once in 2000 and once (briefly) in July 2010. I've been on the same medication for about 6 years (it wasn't changed during the more recent hospitalization). I was recently offered a job at a methadone maintenance program based at a major NYC hospital. To get the job I have to undergo a physical examination. I am afraid they will ask about my psychiatric history and will rescind the job offer based on the recent hospitalization. I'm not sure how to handle the whole thing.

We'll see what they say. Tomorrow morning I'll talk to the HR rep and will probably schedule the physical. I'll try to make it as late as possible so that JAN can get back to me.

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  1. id be interested to see what they say. since i was diagnosed with lupus ( SLE) i have been unable to get hired as an RN despite a stellar record and impressive resume. I finally gave up my Licence and quit trying b/c of the dejection i went through being unhirable with a debilitating chronic illness. the alternative is to lie, and to risk being sued by the company when you become ill and are discovered to have a previous history. rotten luck americans... so you wanted to pay taxes.. tuff luck.. we dont want you anymore!