Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jacob da Syrian

Starting work at 6:45 am is a HUGE adjustment. On top of starting a new job, which is always exhausting -- more so in this case because I have a two-week orientation period, and I spend every day at a different location before finally starting at "my" clinic. I've been hearing a lot about "my" clinic. Apparently it's going to be a very challenging task, requiring much finesse and skillful people handling.

I get home completely spent and slump in front of the computer, catching up on email. Today I was too exhausted even to do my elbow exercises, which require less exertion than the knee exercises. If I go on Facebook, where my friends can IM me, I can't really unwind and relax.

When Jacob da Syrian called, I was happy to talk to him for a little while -- about 45 minutes -- but then begged off so I could get ready for bed. This is a "Rules" tactic: don't spend too much time on the phone to induce him to make plans to see you in person. Which we did, after reaching a compromise. He wanted to meet during the week after work, when he's in Brooklyn. I didn't think I'd make a good impression on a weeknight -- not until I get used to this schedule -- and asked if we could meet on Sunday. But on weekends he's in New Jersey.

"Couldn't you come home a little earlier?" I asked. He agreed. So we're going to hang out at Barnes & Noble on Sunday. I'm pretty sure he's bald, because he said he'd be wearing a Yankees cap. And jeans. So it's casual. Which is fine. I told him I'd probably be wearing red.
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  1. wait are you sure he's actually syrian? Or just that he goes to NJ every weekend? Maybe hes just spending shabbas with his parents or something, I did that for a while when I lived in NYC and I'm not syrian :)

  2. The person who set us up is Syrian, so I was pretty sure Jacob was, and it was confirmed in our first phone call ;)