Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Well, that's... random

Today I went for my second TB test, which killed about 1.5 hours. I left a message with one of my references to ask if she'd had a chance to email in a recommendation, which she needs to do before Friday. And I got this email, from someone I only know through Facebook:

Hey guys; just looked up your emails and thought you might be looking for the same thing... start up a convo... exchange info- ttyl. Good luck!

It was addressed to me and someone else. I have no idea who, because it's only an email address. I Googled it but there were no results. So I have no idea who this guy is.

Normally I'd rush to contact the other email address, tell him something about me and see if he was interested in reciprocating, but I think I should wait to see if he contacts me. If he doesn't, I doubt me contacting him will lead anywhere.

But it's a nice example of the law of attraction dropping a man into my lap. Except I haven't been very positive lately. I've been seeing so many men my age chasing younger women, it's been demoralizing. I must have had some leftover positive energy bounce from previous weeks.
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