Saturday, September 24, 2011


A dear friend (former social work school professor) named Katherine Gordy Levine, who blogs at,  asked if she could nominate me for a blog award, if my readership was under 200. Well, I've had numerous visitors in the past, but I don't think more than 200 people read my blog on a weekly basis, so I accepted. It's called the "Liebster Blog" award.

The goal of the Liebster Blog Award is to spotlight your favorite up-and-coming bloggers. Rules are:

1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. Have faith that your followers will spread the love to other bloggers.
5. And most of all - have bloggity-blog fun!

Katherine's blog choices were:

Daniel Voyager at
Dr. Fran Babcock at
Don at
and a fifth she is still deciding on.

My first blog choice was easy: Foster Parenting Adventures (, by Tikun Olam. A clinical psychologist, TO chronicles her work with underprivileged teenagers, and has also opened her home to several foster children, including a beautiful little girl that she and her family are hoping to adopt. It's written from both a clinical and personal perspective, and is always moving -- whether wrenching or jubilant.

I also love Patchwork Girl in Black and White ( The Patchwork Girl writes about her life honestly and openly. She is anything but the typical single modern orthodox girl living in NYC, and she always has something interesting and heartfelt to discuss.

I also love Sweet Rose (, although she hasn't written much since she got married. She wrote about her struggle with depression while working on and obtaining her MSW so that she can work to alleviate others' pain.

A friend of mine who has survived both divorce and ovarian cancer writes Scope ( to process her feelings.

Another friend, a psychologist/rabbi, writes the blog JewPsy ( Always has something interesting to say.

So to these five bloggers, I ask that you pass along the Liebster Blog award. Choose five small blogs you like and write about them, and see what happens. No pressure; if you can't think of anyone, feel free to decline. But this is a nice little way to get the word out about some smaller blogs -- like yours and mine.
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