Saturday, October 08, 2011

So much for SOD

What's the second thing you do after Yom Kippur ends? Go on Facebook. And I saw a number of very disturbing entries on my right-hand ticker. SOD was exchanging nasty, graphic, scatological insults with a number of people who seemed to be Muslim. It was truly disgusting, and made me realize that there is nothing about SOD I would ever want to get to know better. So I unfriended and blocked him. Case closed.

Last Yom Kippur I prayed fervently for death if I didn't end up getting married. This year I wasn't as conditional. Around Neilah time, I just asked for things to continue to go well at work, to find some kind of activity or hobby so that my free time doesn't feel so open and lonely, and to develop better judgement about people. So that I won't dismiss potentially good partners, or chase people who can't give me what I need.

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  1. Somehow I feel sure that one's going to be answered in the affirmative. :-)