Tuesday, November 22, 2011

EG plays it cool

I woke up today at 4 a.m. with knee pain. I used to think that my terminal insomnia was a function of light box usage, but since I haven't been using it this year, I'm wondering if it's just a function of the time change. It's annoying, because I get tired during the day. I also woke up with knee pain, which is even more annoying. I've been trying to take it easy at the gym, but apparently not easy enough. They offer a free fitness assessment and equipment orientation, which I think I need to schedule.

Since I'm up, I might as well blog about EG.

When last we heard from our hero, he had invited me to play Twister with his children last Thursday night but hadn't told me when. After I emailed him to ask, he wrote:

does 7 work for you?

I was startled, because I thought he had his children from 5-7 on Thursday nights.

won't the kids be gone by then? 

Three hours passed without a response. I wrote again:

If your kids aren't around, I think we should go for coffee, not play Twister. 

A few more hours elapsed before he responded:

I have the kids now. Meeting afterwards. I can do twister but have a busy night!

I was confused. Why would he offer to hang out if he had a busy night?

call me after you give them back

Sometimes it's best to be direct.

whats your phone#?

Guess he didn't program it in his cell phone. I emailed it to him and he called to apologize. Apparently he has his children from 5-8pm, and had scheduled a conference call to China for later that evening. He offered to meet me for 20 minutes for coffee, but I didn't think that made sense, since I'd have to walk 20 minutes to and from the Starbucks nearest his conference call.

So I went over on Shabbos, carrying my hiking pants, changed out of my dress, and we played three rounds of Twister. First me versus the boys (I won), then EG versus the boys (EB1 won), and then me versus EB1 (I won). Apparently EG was surprised I that I won, which made me worry a little that he shares his son's opinion of my corpulence. Then EG asked the kids to play in his room so we could have a grown-up conversation.

"I've been studying your bio on Facebook," EG said. That sounded promising. Doing his due diligence on me.

"I think you're a little addicted to it," he continued. "Your status updates pop up on my page all the time."

Less promising.

"A little," I admitted. "I'm addicted to all the comments I get."

"Yeah," he said, "I don't get many comments on the stuff I post."

"You only have 83 friends," I pointed out.

"True," he said. "But I don't think I want to be friends with the whole world on Facebook. I mean, I have photos and videos of my kids on there."

"I don't really post anything that personal on Facebook," I said. "I used to. Whenever I was frustrated at work, I'd post, 'Ayelet is fried,' 'Ayelet is shredded,' 'Ayelet is exhausted.' Then I ran into a friend I don't see very often, and he was surprised to see how happy I looked. So I stopped posting intimate stuff on Facebook." I didn't mention that I post the intimate stuff on my secret identity's profile.

We chatted for a few minutes, then abruptly he said he had to take the kids to shul. I changed back into my dress and we left the apartment. EG wasn't really walking with me or talking to me.

"Is Ayelet coming to shul with us?" I heard EB2 ask.

"She's going if she wants to go," EG responded. When we got to the shul I asked EG if he wanted me to hang out with them.

"I've got a Daf Yomi shiur," he said. I guess that means no. So I went home.

Sunday I visited my sister and her children; my mother was there too. It was fine, I guess; I mostly interacted with the kids, who'd missed me a lot. I need to visit them more.

Sunday night I posted on EG's wall:

Twister is fun, I'm up for a rematch anytime

He "Liked" my post and commented:

The boys had a blast! We'll organize a rematch for sure

Yeah... I don't think this is going to lead anywhere but friendship. Sigh... Maybe it's just as well. My friend Miriam has been friends with EG's ex-wife for years, and she never liked EG.

I called the Silver Fox yesterday morning, and he called back late last night. (Well, after 9 p.m., which to me is late.) He said he'd call tonight, at a more reasonable (to me) hour. Stay tuned.
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