Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Of course Ayelet can't just leave it alone

I am feeling my feelings very intensely these days. The funny is hilarious; the interesting is mezmerizing; and I'm so enthused about everything that I want to tell everyone about it. I feel almost hypomanic, except I'm mindful of it and more or less in control of my behavior. But I can readily imagine the out-of-control things I could easily do or say, so I feel a little off balance. It's odd, because I was expecting to get depressed with the time change, and I haven't.

The Silver Fox didn't call last night. Neither did EG. Being that I can never leave it alone, I sent EG a flirty little message:

let me know if you ever want to hang out without your kids, I might be open to that ;)

He wrote back to me an hour later:

thanks for the vote of confidence!

Ouch. I'm so bad at flirting. I sent:

actually, the odds are pretty good in your favor...

Then I went out to dinner and a movie with Miriam. The movie was awesome, but I couldn't stop thinking about EG, which irritated me. Am I the type of woman who always has to be obsessing about a man? I fear I am, which is pathetic.

When I got home, EG had responded:

With the way the market has been treating me lately whenever I game the odds to be in my favor I get slammed sideways

I know he does something with stocks for a living, although I don't really understand what. But I think there's a subtext here: he's wary of dipping his toe back into the dating pool.

I know I shouldn't encourage or pursue him, according to The Rules. I should let him come to me. I should make him chase me. Trouble is, I'm impatient, slightly hypomanic, and did I mention how impatient I am?

I'm not the stock market. I'm a lot more predictable. Fine, I'll come out and say it: Even if I don't get to play with your children, I would still enjoy spending time with you.

Cards on the table. If he's not interested, he'll let me know, and then I can start getting over him.
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  1. "And then I can start gettting over him" - Sounds like a good title for a book!