Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Silver Fox

Friday night I went to the Jewish Center's annual Rotating Tables singles event. Basically, you have your appetizers at one table, soup at another, and main course at another, so you get to meet a number of different people.

There were only five men I'd dated at the event, which was a nice low number, although of course one of them was at my first table and another at my third. Fortunately, the lamest of them, my ex-boyfriend The Jurk, didn't sit with me at all. He's a Turkish Jew, so a friend and I nicknamed him The Turk when we were dating; after we broke up I altered one letter. My friend Miriam liked him, in part I think because he's 6'4" and she's 5'9". I wouldn't warn her off him, though -- he wasn't abusive, just a little passive-aggressive, so he might treat her better than he treated me.

At my first and third table was a handsome gentleman. I'm usually not attracted to men who look a lot older than I do (and I recognize they might not be a lot older than I actually am), but he had aquiline features, blue eyes, excellent bone structure, and silver hair. On his business card, it states the Silver Fox is "Senior Fund of Funds Custody Administrator, Global Custody" at a major banking institution. SF gave me his card so we could be in touch. We spoke at our first table, weren't sitting close enough to speak at our third, but chatted more during the dessert buffet.

What can I say about SF? He's smart, funny, and a moderate Republican. He likes Jon Huntsman and disdains Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry almost as much as I do. And he took his business card out of his wallet. So I can be pretty sure he's not shomer Shabbat. I also don't know how old he is. But he's attractive, smart, and wants to get to know me better. That seems like potential.

I haven't decided when I'm going to email him -- probably sometime Monday evening. He did look at my nametag, and I told him I was listed, so it's possible he'll call.
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  1. Why wait until Monday if you like him? That's what a guy would do : )

    Glad you had a positive experience at the event.