Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What's up with EG?

I haven't heard anything from EG since he responded "hey good morning" on 11/11/11 to my IM "hey" dated 11/10/11. Even though I see him on FB all the time. Wasn't sure if he still wanted me to come over and play with his kids. So I sent him another message today:

Hey... do you still want me to come over Shabbos afternoon for Twister?

He didn't respond immediately. In fact, he still hasn't responded. But earlier today I posted a status update that caught his attention. I'm going to an off-site meeting on Friday. It starts at the princely late hour of 9am. So I can actually do something Thursday night, and I posted a status update asking if people wanted to hang out.

As usual, I heard from a bunch of people telling me why they couldn't hang out with me on Thursday. Which didn't help. But EG posted on my status update:

Kids & twister?

I guess that answers my question. He has his children from 5-7pm Tuesdays and Thursdays. I responded:

Thursday night? I guess that could work.

Waiting for confirmation. EG also "Liked" an article I posted about how Newt Gingrich is an insufferable fat adulterous hypocrite posing as a moralist.

I created an event on FB and invited a bunch of people -- not EG -- to hang out with me Thursday night, but so far only one has responded, and lukewarmly at that. So maybe on Thursday after work I'll hit the gym, shower, braid my hair, put on my hiking pants, and go play Twister. Which I may regret. We'll see.
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