Saturday, December 03, 2011

One last stab at EG

I know I said I'd stop trying to pique EG's interest. But a horoscope I got on Thursday convinced me I needed to take another shot:

If you want to win someone's heart, your ability to communicate and hold an interesting conversation will work to your advantage. Use your irresistible charm to magnetically draw the person of your dreams right to your heart. Stay alert so you don't miss subtle clues. Be willing to act on impulse, Gemini. Sometimes, your gut needs to lead the way.

EG has a Twitter account, which he uses to muse on the stock market. I decided to take a look at it. Among the boring tweets I didn't get was one about how he made his first online clothing purchase, a sweater. So I decided to leave a flirty message on his wall:

Checked out your twitter feed. Congrats on the sweater. Shabbat shalom.

Sadly, there was no response -- he didn't even "Like" my wall post -- and I made up my mind to not think about him ever again. I did see him today at kiddush, and he smiled and pointed at me but then didn't come over to talk. Not sure what that means, and I was too busy collecting accolades to ponder it. (Although maybe that was one of the "subtle clues" I was supposed to be alert to.)

Yes, accolades. Yet another person has told me how much joy my FB status updates and comments bring into their life. (This is the "real" Ayelet's profile.) His name is Chadwick, and he's a friend of Alona whom I met over the summer and then friended on FB.

"I feel like I should give you a hug, Ayelet," he said.

"For what?" I asked.

"For all the joy you bring into my life!" I'm not making this up. Of course I hugged him. I have an audience! I have fans!

More good stuff happened at kiddush and afterward, but I'm tired and still fighting off a cold. I'll have to blog about it another time. To be continued...
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