Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Best. Heter. EVER.

Yesterday I had off from work but went to Chinatown anyway to the new rehab/pain management practice I've been trying. They offer a combination of physical therapy, acupuncture, and massage. I got massage, ultrasound, stretching, and acupuncture. Today I got PAIN. So I'm home from work, taking ibuprofin, rubbing in liniment, and stretching. Fortunately I didn't have anything major scheduled at the office.

Not sure if I'll be going back, and not just because of the pain. The doctor told me a million different ways that my main problem was my dire need to lose weight. The fact that my knees didn't hurt until the damn personal trainer injured them seemed moot. The physical therapist I saw yesterday told me I don't have runner's knee, I have jumper's knee -- patellar tendinitis -- but it shouldn't be bothering me six years later. Nobody seems to know what's wrong or how to fix it.

So I'm home, stewing. I had an interesting conversation over the weekend with some Facebook friends I've never met in person. One of those multi-person email/IMs that are now possible. And the topic of Jewish women who've had sex with non-Jews arose. (I didn't broach it.) Apparently, there's a heter that if you used a condom during said sexual activity, you're not an isha zona.

I called a learned friend of mine, and he says it's a valid heter. Guess I can start dating Cohanim, because I'm darn sure I always used a condom with casual sex partners, no matter how hypomanic I was.
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