Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jersey Flake

I know, it's been forever. Work has been very complicated, and I haven't wanted to blog about it, or anything else. I'm still debating whether to blog about a nice but decidedly odd man I went out with twice. But I wanted to update you on Jersey Jake.

Out of nowhere, apropos of nothing, JJ emailed me on 1/18/12:

Hi! I hope you are well. I should have followed up with you & sent this ages ago. I'm sorry I didn't. 

Would you like to have coffee sometime? 

Good shabbos, Jake

Well, better late than never, I thought. So I waited a day (as per The Rules), and wrote back:

Sure, I'd love to have coffee. When?

And... silence. According to The Rules, you shouldn't get entangled in long email exchanges. You should be friendly but brief and to the point, so you can move from email to phone to date.

But it's been four days and JJ hasn't responded. What's up with that??
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  1. Is there a reason your still paying any attention to the inanity that is "The Rules"?

    I mean, it made the authors a nice stash of cash, but I don't see that it is helping you at all, and it certainly looks ridiculous from where I sit.

  2. That's because I don't always follow The Rules. Totally didn't follow them with Ivan the Terrible, SB, EG, G.I. Josh... most of the major relationships in my life. I used them with the guy I haven't decided to blog about yet, and they totally worked.

  3. I never followed The Rules. I asked my husband out on our first date. We've been together for over 17 years.

  4. "Would you like to have coffee sometime?"

    Does that mean "would you like to have coffee *with me* sometime?" If so, why can't he communicate that directly? Guy still won't put himself out there.

    Go have coffee sometime -- treat yourself to a great coffee on your own or with a girlfriend. But stop thinking about this drip.