Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Blast from the past: Brooklyn Lawyuh

I got an email on FB from someone I dated long ago -- the Brooklyn Lawyuh, who thought I was exotic.

Hello Ayelet,

Please pardon the intrusion, but were you at Sharon's weekend at Teaneck this past Shabbat? BL

This past weekend there was another singles shabbaton. I had decided not to go and then got very sick, so it was a smart move on my part.

BL and I only have 3 Facebook friends in common, none of them really close. I have no idea where this email came from. He might have seen me in the Facebook group and thought I looked familiar. At first I thought I'd remind him that we went out in 2007 (Jeez... I have been single a very, very long time), but finally I just sent:

No -- I wasn't there.

Was curious to see how he would respond.

Thank you for responding Ayelet. Should you wish to connect on Facebook, I would be happy to hear from you. All the best, BL

Totally sounds like a lawyer. I sent him a friend request and wrote back:

Happy to connect. How did you find me?

Wondering if he knew who I was.

I was looking for someone that was at the event on Sharon's friend network. For whatever reason I did not have the opportunity to connect with this girl there. Your little pic looked a bit like her. So I thought maybe it was you and figured I have nothing to lose by taking a shot. Have a great day!  BL

Hmph. No idea who I am. But I guess we know that zaftig brunettes catch his eye.

So you don't remember that we went out several years ago?

It was five years ago; I guess all us brunettes start looking alike after a while.

No I don't. I'm sorry. Would you care to refresh my memory?

Delighted to.

We went to Darna. I think we were set up by Rochel and another matchmaker. You thought I looked "exotic."

Cued recall is easier than free recall. But I guess I didn't cue him hard enough.  

Hi Ayelet,

I'm so sorry, but I really don't remember. Do you remember what happened? May I ask, I'm trying to think of what I meant by exotic, could you describe yourself a bit? Hair color, eyes, height, thin or curvy, etc. Now that you broughit up, you've piqued my curiosity. 

Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, BL

I'm pretty sure I'd remember any guy I went out with if he friended me on Facebook. Especially someone I went out with less than a decade ago. If I had anything else going on, I'd probably let it go. Since I don't...

Hi BL,

I'm not sure what I can say to help you remember. You said I looked Sephardic, and I told you I was Polish-German. I have long dark hair, very thick, dark eyes, fair skin, and I'm short and curvy. We didn't talk much about it, you just noted that I looked exotic when I got into your car (I think). I remember Rochel worked with your matchmaker to set up the date, but I don't remember her name. I live on the Upper West Side. At the time I was in social work school. I'm a social worker now. I think we talked about some mystical experience you had in relation to your late father but don't remember exactly what it was.


No response, but it's Purim. Wonder what he'll say. If anything. And not sure why I care. He wasn't anything special.

You may have noticed that I took some blog posts down. I'm not saying I was actually threatened with exposure unless I did so, but I took them down to prevent that from happening.
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