Tuesday, March 06, 2012

DWK and Brooklyn Lawyuh, continued

I reported back to the shadchaniot last night:

So the upshot is: we went to dinner, we had a nice time, I don't know if DWK wants to go out again. I would go on another date.

The shadchaniot are happy. 

Chavah   :) glad it was a pleasant experience ;)
Chavie   awesome
Suzy   gr8. Glad you enjoyed yourself and got to meet him.

We had some interesting conversations. DWK managed to work in the concept that a spouse should be available as a sounding board for the other spouse, so that they can talk through difficult decisions. Even if the other spouse doesn't contribute any ideas but just listens -- kind of like his therapist a lot of the time. (He's been in therapy for a while and is a fan.) 

I agreed. "One of the worst things about being single is having to make big decisions on my own, and wrestling with that," I said.

As for the rest... well, I wasn't annoyed or repulsed, so I guess I'd go out with him again, but I wasn't particularly attracted to him. He definitely looks his age and then some, and he alluded delicately to the fact that he's no longer making as much money as he used to. But he's intelligent and seems nice.

We didn't talk about him being done with kids. He asked me if I was considering private practice. I said it would be an attractive option if I weren't dependent on a regular income while I build up a practice. Not to mention health insurance, although I don't think I did.

"If I had small children, it would be great to work part-time," I said. "Private practice could be very convenient." Because he should know I'm not ruling out having children just because I'm on one date with him. Not sure how he took it, because so far he hasn't contacted me or any of the shadchaniot.

What of Brooklyn Lawyuh? I told him I wasn't at the weekend.

Thank you for responding Ayelet. Should you wish to connect on Facebook, I would be happy to hear from you. All the best, BL

Totally sounds like a lawyer. I sent him a friend request and wrote back:

Happy to connect. How did you find me?

Wondering if he knew who I was.

I was looking for someone that was at the event on Sharon's friend network. For whatever reason I did not have the opportunity to connect with this girl there. Your little pic looked a bit like her. So I thought maybe it was you and figured I have nothing to lose by taking a shot. Have a great day!  BL

Hmph. No idea who I am. But I guess we know that zaftig brunettes catch his eye.

So you don't remember that we went out several years ago?

It was five years ago; I guess all us brunettes start looking alike after a while.

No I don't. I'm sorry. Would you care to refresh my memory?

Happy to.

We went to Darna. I think we were set up by Rochel and another matchmaker. You thought I looked "exotic."

Wonder if he'll remember me now. Possibly -- cued recall is easier than free recall.  
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