Wednesday, May 02, 2012

New healthy hobby

The vegan meditating mindful doctor at my clinic is a big fan of green smoothies. According to Wikipedia,

Green smoothies are health shakes or smoothies made by blending green raw leafy vegetables, such as spinach, kale, Swiss chard, collard greens, celery, parsley, broccoli, with fruit(s) such as oranges, kiwis, apples, mangoes, pears, and bananas, some of which may be frozen, and water or ice.... To balance flavor and nutrition the typical ratio in a green smoothie is about 60% fruit to 40% leafy greens.

Doc has a green smoothie every day and is a size 4. Of course, she also practices yoga. But a patient in the clinic began drinking green smoothies and has lost a considerable amount of weight. I was reminded of the green smoothie phenomenon this evening, when a friend posted this status update:

thanks to Chana Rachel i drank 4c of spinach in a smoothie i made! yay! THANK YOU FRIEND! 

I'm pretty lazy, living alone. I let dirty dishes accumulate in the sink. I don't change my towels and sheets as frequently as I should. I have more than 40 pairs of underwear so I only need to take out the laundry every 6 weeks or so. And I never cook. Even though I'm a great cook and I love cooking. For myself, I just never bother.

Hence I'm often bored. Especially given my bizarre schedule, which requires me to be off the computer by 9 pm and in bed by 9:30. I haven't been going to the gym because my knees still hurt like a sonofabitch. I go to the expensive acupuncturist twice a week, but hopefully that will soon change; I've had three sessions, but I'm not sure there's been significant improvement. In any event, even if I start going to the gym again, I'll still have too much spare time and nobody to spend it with.

So I need a hobby I can pursue alone. Maybe one that involves experimenting with food. I can certainly afford to buy lots of fresh produce, since I'm making decent money and my lease renewal increased my rent by less than $80.

I also have an excellent blender. Bought for me by my sister Jerusha, as it happens. In 1996 we were shopping for wedding gifts for a cousin, who had registered at Macy's for, among other items, a kick-ass blender. Jerusha loved it, but already had a blender, so she bought it for me. I've never used it.

It's so hard for me to have a balanced view of my sister, because all the nice things she does are way counterbalanced by the shitty things she does. It's hard not speaking to most of your immediate family. I've had two dreams lately in which I thought my mother had died and was very upset -- and tremendously relieved to learn she wasn't dead. Which I know is just laden with significance. But still, I can't get over the fact that the degenerate pervert gets to live happily ever after while I'm a barren spinster.

Anyway, the doctor has a recipe book of green smoothies, but the internet is full of recipes. Maybe I'll compile a bunch and start blending.
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