Saturday, June 16, 2012

An entirely inadequate apology

At the behest of my mother, I'm sure, her degenerate pervert boyfriend (DPB) sent me this letter:


I need to apologize for allowing you to read "Penthouse" when you were a teen. Certainly, I had no inkling that the letters to the editor would give you false ideas, but it still was irresponsible. Treating you as one of my gruff peers was wrong. I ought to have been more sensible and maintained a proper adult/youth relationship.

I have sincerely regretted these actions many times in the past two decades. I surely do not merit forgiveness, but allowance could be made for dreadful judgment. Hopefully, then a healing process could begin.


Kind of epitomizes "too little, too late." For one thing, he minimizes, just like every sex offender. He leaves out the pornographic novels ("Jessica's Wife" was one of them) and nude photo coffee-table books ("I Am My Own Lover," pictures of people masturbating) he scattered around the house. And understates the damage he did by, for example, encouraging me to consider various sex acts, such as lesbianism. I guess he talks like that with his "gruff peers." Maybe that's the origin of the phrase "billy goats gruff.

When my cousin Yaffa came out as a lesbian, my mother was extremely distraught and told me she did not want me to be a lesbian. So why doesn't she care that DPB encouraged me to try it? She was there! She cut off the conversation, but she allowed him to say shit like, "Girls are nice. Girls are very nice." How could she allow a man like that around her children?

I'm not mollified. At all. Largely because I don't believe a word of it. I'm pretty sure my mother pressured him to send it because she desperately wants to be back in touch with me. If I wrote him back, it would be something along the lines of, "As an apology this is entirely inadequate. However, if I decide to report you to the sex offender registry, it will be quite helpful."
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