Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Darn near normal, in some ways

Twitter is a fun and creative challenge (140 characters? seriously?), even though I only have 96 followers, because my tweets are posted to Facebook as status updates. Then I get feedback.

June 24: why do I enjoy buying things more than wearing or using them? I have 5 million lipsticks and yet I'm constantly tempted to buy more.

It's really only 20 lipsticks, but I thought it was a hypomanic thang. Turns out, it's a lot more normal than that.

Commenter 1: I think most women are like this. I have so much cosmetics / bathroom supplies and shampoo!

C2: I feel that way about books! I own more than I will ever be able to read, but I still like having them around. Also, whenever I clean my room, I find a lot of shampoo. I haven't needed to buy any in a long time, since I found my last accidental stash!
C3: I can never, ever have enough lipsticks!

Ayelet: funny, I totally thought it was because I have bipolar disorder! ;)
C1: Oh and I have a ton of books too. But I still take books out from the library and have bought new books! I also have a ton of lipstick actually because I have an addiction to 'give aways." Though I have calmed down since I switched my make up over to Bare Minerals. I still occasionally will buy something from Lancome or Clinique to get the nice giveaway though!

C3: Oh yeah, the bonuses. Me too. Even if I don't like what comes in the bonus, I am still compelled to purchase enough to get one!

C4: I am that way with nail polish.

C1, C2, and C3 are all great girls, but C4 is the most groundest, stable, healthiest woman I know -- my friend Tova, who has 4 children, works as an occupational therapist, and is getting her PhD in Talmudic Esoteria or something like that. So apparently feeling good, thinking clearly and coveting lipstick (or nail polish) aren't inclusion criteria for a diagnosis of hypomania.

June 25: the more I post about my insecurities & shames, the more my friends say they feel the same. interesting.
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