Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shooting another pathetic loser down

I got a message on SuperTova:

Hey Ayelet! You certainly are cute! I definitely need someone to improve my social life. That's what I need a 'SocialWorker!' I am Shomer Shabbat , and over the age of 50, and I have never been Married, and I want to have kids. Does this sound like someone for you? Let me know! Ronen Brown

He could not be less appealing. First off, he's 59, not just "over the age of 50." I was annoyed that he'd contacted me in the first place. That's chutzpah. Furthermore, he could not have made himself sound more pathetic and less appealing. It's kind of apparent why he's single and childless. I'm not trolling for clients on dating websites, I'm looking for a reasonably undamaged husband. So I responded:

Dear Ronen, In a word, no. I'm not interested in someone 17 years older than I am, and I'm definitely not interested in someone who needs a social worker to get his life together. Best of luck to you.

If I'm not honest with these guys, who will be? A good friend recently said to me, "We have to give the nice but nerdy guys a chance." I do believe that's true. But I don't believe this Ronen qualifies. He does not appeal to me at any level, and if he's not able to contact women he has a realistic chance of dating, I don't care if he never dates at all. That sounds harsh, but there are plenty of  women in their late 40s/early 50s who might be interested. It's up to him to contact them.
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