Friday, July 13, 2012

Thyroid, 1; Uterus/ovaries, -5

My thyroid has officially joined my liver and kidneys on the "functioning body parts list." After more than a decade of being bombarded by lithium, my thyroid is still producing adequate quantities of hormones. Which was a little disappointing, since it means that I got fat all on my own self, not because I'm hypothyroidal.

On the disabled list: my uterus and ovaries. They're growing so many fibroids, my gynecologist has no idea what he's palpating, and I have to go for another pelvic sonogram. And another mammogram, even though I don't really want one. Next Thursday -- same day I go for a cystoscopy. That's going to be a fun day.

(Can't believe I forgot to put my sinuses on the disabled list. I had sinus surgery in 1995, which was a horrific experience from beginning to end.)

Not on the disabled list? Me. Because my doctor didn't send the disability insurance company the appropriate supporting documentation. So my disability payment was denied. I have to go in again for another damn appointment and send out more damn faxes to appeal their decision.

So fucking sick of all this. To top it off, my chiropractor doesn't think he can do anything more for me. He doesn't know why I'm still having knee pain. Nobody does. I'm going to try hypnosis, since nothing else has worked, and then I guess I'll be calling pain management.

A morsel of good news: I got a call a few weeks back from someone who'd seen my resume. Head of social work at a major public hospital. I didn't follow up quickly because I was preoccupied, then when I left her a voicemail she didn't respond.

Then I saw a friend on FB... and remembered she's a social worker at that hospital. So I IMed her... and she's going to put in a good word. So maybe I'll get a second chance. It feels manipulative, but according to something I read on Facebook and now can't find (infuriating), it's strategy, not manipulation. Because it's not dishonest and I'm not trying to disadvantage anyone. They would be lucky to have me.
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