Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What did I do to deserve this?

Usually I ask that question when I'm utterly miserable, physical agony or emotional anguish. But this time I'm just puzzled. I have several friends who love me. I mean, really, really love me. Even though we've never met in person. They say things like:

i am always here,if you want to /need to talk sometimes it helps. if there is anything i can do ,please write,no judgement, just love.i know we do not know each other well,but you have a friend in me,please know that. thank you for showing concern,and for your message. .again,if you want to reach out, i offer my friendship with open arms and an open heart. YOU ARE TOO BEAUTIFUL NOT TO SHINE YOUR LIGHT

Wow. No words. Just -- wow. I guess that means I have to keep going.
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